Ordination of Margalie Belizaire – Unitarian Society of Hartford, May 30th at 3:00 PM

Last month our board agreed to co-sponsor the Ordination of Margalie Belizaire in partnership with her home congregation, the Unitarian Society of Hartford. This will be a great celebration of her years of hard work, and you, the congregation of TUCW are all invited to this event on May 30th at 3:00 PM in West Hartford.

TUCW’s third Ministerial Intern, Margalie Belizaire has greatly enriched our congregation through her sermons and her introduction of innovative forms of worship. She has worked in partnership with our other ministers both in worship and in the daily functions of the church. Margalie is creating a tool for our assessment of Cultural Competency with will be used to enrich our self knowledge for years to come. Her two years with us have clearly helped her develop skills in Worship and Rites of Passage, Pastoral Care, Social Justice and Administration. She has successfully participated in the creation of Spiritual Development activities for herself and for others. In addition, she has served and is leading the larger UU faith through her weekly Ministry in the Church of the Larger Faith. Another goal of a Minister in training is to develop a routine for self care and personal development, which Margalie has done through the creation of her personal spiritual practices and by finding a mentor.

In December, the UUA agreed that Margalie has achieved all her goals, and therefore their Ministerial Fellowship Committee awarded her the top score possible for an Intern.

A joint task force has been created to organize the ceremony. Should you wish to give a gift to Margalie in order to ensure that this ceremony is fabulous, please contact [wp-svg-icons icon=”envelop” wrap=”i”] Sue in our business office.