A Minister’s Message – Holes Everywhere – March 10, 2020

In this time of political dystopia, economic chaos and a threatening pandemic, I think of the spiritual power of brokenness. There seem to be holes everywhere. It’s almost as if we have a cross between an elephant and a kangaroo running amok, a giant beast of misfortune, stomping big holes around the world. We will … Read more

A Minister’s Message – What’s Up With the Use of “They?” – February 25, 2020

Some of you were in church this past Sunday and learned more about gender identity and equity. Gender identity is the preferred expression of an individual regardless of their biological sex or sexual orientation. Those who are not binary in their identity often express themselves in a pronoun that is neither male nor female. One … Read more

A Minister’s Message – Should We Always Take The Risk? – February 11, 2020

Should We Always Take the Risk? This question was on the long list of questions the ministers were asked in November and I think this is a good time to tackle an answer. Any decision to take a risk depends on what is at stake. Generally, I live by the Yogi Berra wisdom that “if … Read more

A Minister’s Message – Making Sense of Suffering – February 4, 2020

How do we make sense of Suffering? The Buddha was right, all of us suffer, although not all life is suffering. Progressive faiths such as ours haven’t done a very good job reconciling suffering with our sunny view of life. As the poet Christian Wiman puts it: “Suffering is simply something to avoid thinking about … Read more