Messages from Rev. John about TUCW’s Response to the Corona Virus

A Message from Rev. John about TUCW's Response to the Corona Virus: 3/11/2020

Dear Ones,

I realize that the Corona Virus situation is moving very rapidly. We have just had a morning-long staff coordination meeting. Tomorrow I will be sending out a more complete plan of action. Rest assured we are on top of this.

I will say, as of now, the plays scheduled for this weekend will go on but with wide-spaced seating. Same for our worship services. Everyone is encouraged not to congregate afterwards. We are encouraging committees and groups to have their meetings virtually - through ZOOM, Facetime, iMessage, or other online platforms. More on this later.

We will be live-streaming and recording worship services this week and every week. We are setting up an online care network for those who might be affected by quarantines, etc.

Please hold each other in the light as we move through these trying times. Ironically, this separation may draw us even closer together. Keep the faith.

Yours always, Rev. John

Rev. John

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A Message from Rev. John about TUCW's Response to the Corona Virus: 3/6/2020

Greetings -

Given the spread of the corona virus, our TUCW staff has instituted a protocol to help protect our congregation. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of precautions but we do want you to know that we are taking the potential threat seriously.

  • If you feel sick please stay home. We have many seniors and those with compromised immune systems and we don’t want them to be exposed.
  • That said, if you feel well please come to church. There is strength in being around others and sharing in the spirit of love and compassion.
  • We encourage everyone to follow the guidelines from the CDC and regularly wash their hands at least twenty seconds, and to cover a cough or sneeze. I have instructed our staff to follow these guidelines.
  • We are instituting a no-handshake policy. When I greet you on Sunday I will not be offering my hand.
  • We will continue to wipe down hard surfaces with disinfectant, and do it more often.
  • We will monitor the situation closely. If public officials ask us to close for services and events, we will do so.
  • We will also monitor what other congregations are doing to keep their people safe and consider following their examples.
  • We are exploring online options for holding worship services. The UUA is already considering how our congregations might do this effectively.

I want to reiterate how important it is to keep coming to church if you can. At times such as these we need each other more than ever.

As always I am here if you need me to discuss whatever concerns you. Please call, text or send me an email.

Yours in faith,

Rev. John

Phone: (203)227-7205 ext. 12
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